What’s Roled?

Roled Cube is a team project realized during the 2013 session of the master « ROSE » (« RObotique et Systèmes Embarqués » which stands for « robotics and embedded system ») of Télécom-Paristech. The Roled team was composed of: Thibaut Collette, Victor Sallaberry, Coralie Thourault and Frédéric Wylomanski.

The aim of the project Roled Cube is simple: construct a beautiful and interactive cube of 12 by 12 by 12 tri-color LED.

If the display function is quite clear, the interaction part needed to be defined at the very beginning of the project. So, the team decided to focus on two types of interactions: presence sensors around the cube, and a Kinect camera. Our dream was to create a cube that allows you to play games (such as a 3D 4-in-raw, a 3D « snake », a digital « Rubik’s Cube »…) just by moving your hand around it. And we are very proud of showing you the result of two months of hard work.

So, don’t be lazy, and discover more about this amazing cube by surfing on this website!